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The Marriage Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Make us team players, joyfully working together to serve You. Knit our hearts together with a united desire to walk in Your Will. Soften our hearts to be used for Your Glory and Honor. Give us the courage to be bold, the faith to be optimistic and the hunger to walk in truth. We have a choice. We can either sit back or do nothing, or we can bring faith-building strength to our marriage. Sometimes were go down difficult paths, but overall this road is a beautiful journey. We started out as friends and we’re building this friendship year after year. The stress of everyday life can be taxing and the weight of the world can tear us apart if we let it. Keep us together, Lord, whatever may come. Teach us the importance of making sacrifices for the sake of our marriage. Help us to prioritize our relationship, and to make time for each other to play and have fun. Your word tells us that a friend must show himself friendly and so we ask that You help us to be pleasant and kind, gracious and loving. Teach us to learn and to grow from our disagreements. We have an opportunity to open our minds to what each other is feeling and thinking. Give us the wisdom to process these thoughts and to handle them wisely. Thank you for entrusting us with the gift of marriage. I pray that we will never take it for granted or toss it aside without care. Please teach us patience and give us the perseverance we need to get through tough times. Remind us to press on when we feel like giving up, and to look forward when we feel like looking back. Teach us what teamwork should look like, and how to be strong for each other. Help us to stand guard of our marriage protecting it from any temptations that would draw us away from Your perfect will. Please grant us good health. Keep us safe from sickness and pain. Our bodies are not our own-They are Yours and every breath is given to us by Your Grace. We are Temples of Your Holy Ghost-purchased with a price and redeemed by the Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ. May we never forget to treat ourselves with honor and care. We bring our bodies to the food of Your Throne believing You have the power to heal and the power to protect us according to YOUR Will. In the Name of Jesus We Pray Amen.

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