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To our ministry leaders, thank you for intentionally serving God’s saints and the community. We all know that if we lose focus we will grow weary in well doing. (Galatians 6:9) It is my prayer that this will be a year for the following:

that God, Holy Spirit will mature us all to become more spiritual and develop a servant lifestyle; that we maintain an eternal focus in your ministry always thinking of the bigger picture, the “Kingdom of God”; and that we may grow into Christ and view interruptions as life-giving encounters to show the Love of God? The woman with the issue of blood was not on his agenda for the day for he was headed to the home of Jairus to heal his daughter. But Jesus turned that interruption into an opportunity to show God’s love and the power of faith. (Luke 8:41-56).

Ministry leaders: Points to Ponder as you continue to guide your team for God’s Glory.

1. Build your relationship with Christ by spending personal time in God’s word and prayer.

2. Spend time in prayer for your team members and asking God to direct you to the individuals to whom you can demonstrate his love.

3. Make your priority relationships, set up monthly meetings as you continue your weekly cadence calls. Make it your goal to get to know your team and their families.

4. Remember you are their guide not their dictator but you are both serving to please God

5. Remember that ministry focus on people, Reaching In and Reaching Out

6. Remember Grace as you serve each other and others

7. Remember ministry sees the heart of people therefore ask God Holy Spirit to direct you in understanding each person you encounter.

May God continue to draw us toward his agenda for the Body of Christ?

Father keep us Focused on You and Kingdom Business In Jesus Name Amen.

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