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Our History  


Bird Street Church of Christ is the most recent location for the Church of Christ. The original location was on North Main Street and was identified the Colored Church of Christ. The congregation worshipped in a large building on land purchased from J.F. Boyd on August 22, 1914.  The minister was Brother Bonnie Matthias.  


On April 7, 1927, the building was sold due to flooding, lack of parking space, age and needed improvement and repairs to the building. To address these issues the deacons and elders at the time chose to move to a location. A lot was purchased from L.L. Edward on East Cedar Street and the leadership employed contractor Thomas Cartwright to erect a building at this new location that became East Cedar Street Church of Christ where the congregation worshipped for over 30 years.

At which that time a new building and location were selected that is the present worship location of the Bird Street Church of Christ.

Families Growing in Christ

A Place For You

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