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Bird Street Church of Christ Youth Mission Statement:

The youth at Bird Street are devoted to Worshiping God, Loving one another, Caring for those in need, Growing in the Unity of the Sprit, Sharing the Gospel of Jesus, so that Christ may be glorified. 

Youth Education Program Mission Statement:

To provide a learning environment for our youth; to nurture and love as Christ loves us. To promote and enhance the spiritual growth of infants, youth, young adults, and adults as part of God’s family.

Building God’s Family With Love

L.I.F.E. Love Involvement Fellowship Educate

Our Purpose

The purpose of our youth ministry is to help each child:


  • Think of the church building as their facility- a place where the church meets to give them love and help

  • Learn at an early age the importance of learning Bible verses, hearing Bible lessons, and wanting to become a Christian

  • Begin to show love, respect and acceptance of others

  • Make progress in sharing, communication and responding to others in appropriate ways


It is our ultimate goal to spend the time in Bible study and training and make the

Effort with God’s help to assist you as a parents or guardians in the process of:








So that they can soar like “BIRDS”

For Jesus in this present world!


We pray that each child will experience these things

While in our care. We pray that we will not miss any

Opportunity to teach.

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